Research on specific areas of the aging adults’ health condition, including health-related quality of life

PolSenior 2 is nationwide survey of the overall health condition of the older Poles, their socio-economic situation and quality of life, carried out under the National Health Programme for 2016-2020 funded by the Ministry of Health.

Under the project’s agenda a representative – in terms of age, sex and place of residence – group of nearly 6000 Poles aged 60-106 was examined.

The research methodology was based on questionnaires, analysis of various blood and urine parameters of the respondents, simple fitness tests and measurements of parameters important for the health of aging adults, such as, among others, blood pressure and handshake strength. The scales and tests included in the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment were also significant elements of the study.

In 2021, the full results will be published and disseminated in the form of a generally available monograph.

The short summary is available.


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